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Revolutionizing Home Service Safety: The Power of Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Consumers today expect quick access to a wide range of products and services. The demand for instant access to home delivery services has led to the growth of one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the gig economy – online on-demand home service referral platforms. These platforms refer qualified tradespeople such as plumbers, home improvement contractors, dog sitters, to homeowners. As a result, the leading platforms generated more than $4.6 billion in 2023.

How Safe is the Contractor You Got from an Online Home Service Platform?

The U.S.’s largest referral platforms, such as Angi, Helping, TaskRabbit Inc., The Service Master Company, and Rover list hundreds of thousands of home service contractors. By simply typing a few words and making a quick phone call, a skilled contractor can come to your home and provide any necessary services.

But how do online home service referral companies know the people they are referring to work in your home are safe?

The same question can apply to cable TV, phone, and internet installers, or cabinet and appliance installers referred by big-box stores.

When contractors register on job referral platforms they are required to pass a single criminal background check. This one-time pre-hire background screening usually discovers the candidate’s past criminal offenses within a limited region, typically within the area of their residential zip code.

However, the largest online home service referral platform excludes corporate clients from background screenings, which is a cause for concern. These larger local and regional contractors with multiple employees are trusted to implement their own policies regarding employee criminal background checks. Most of the pre-hire background checks will be long out of date when one of their workers comes to your home.

Consumers throughout the U.S. are inviting workers to enter their homes with the sole assurance of a pre-hire background check. However, these checks are often outdated, having been conducted months or even years before the contractor arrives at their doorstep. This poses a potential safety risk for the consumers.

The Real Danger of Home Service Contractors to Homeowners

A quick search uncovered the following events.

  • In 2023, a 24-year-old delivery driver was convicted of the gruesome murder of a 75-year-old Florida woman. The driver was there to install the washing machine the woman bought at a well-known major national retailer.
  • In another case, after being admitted to the house, a Connecticut installer working as a subcontractor for the nation’s leading satellite TV service provider was charged with raping the homeowner.
  • The same thing happened to a Las Vegas consumer when they permitted a contract installer from a major cable TV company into their home.
  • In Utah, a 22-year-old internet installer was charged with sexually assaulting a juvenile after being permitted in the house to complete the contracted work.

Continuous Background Screening Protects Consumers and Your Company’s Brand

Conducting a pre-hire criminal background check before hiring someone only provides information about their past criminal history. It doesn’t show any recent criminal activity. If an online home service referral platform or a big-box store wants to ensure the safety of their consumers, they need to screen the criminal background of their workforce continuously. This way, they can identify any criminal charges that their contractor may have faced in the past weeks or months before sending them to a consumer’s home.

Not every crime can be predicted or anticipated. However, failing to exercise due diligence in assessing the trustworthiness of the contractor sent to a customer’s home can cause incalculable damage to the brand and the company’s future revenue.

With hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and the company’s reputation at stake, relying solely on an out-of-date pre-hire background check provides a false sense of security to the consumer and potentially leaves an organization exposed.

Real-Time Continuous Workforce Screening Is Available at a Nominal Cost Per Worker

 PostHire’s Continuous Workforce Screening provides truly continuous background screening of every employee, worker, or contractor 24 hours a day throughout the U.S. While some less effective continuous screening service providers claim to deliver a similar product, their programs do not reflect true national coverage that delivers detailed court reporting.

PostHire rises above other screening providers, due to its proprietary in-house developed algorithm and real-time connections to the nation’s official court records across the U.S.. Unlike other providers who rely solely on arrest information which is often incomplete or inaccurate, PostHire uses court filings and data which are more reliable and accurate.

And while others charge costly fees to perform periodic “rechecks,” PostHire provides round-the-clock national background screening at a fraction of the cost per person.

PostHire’s Superior Continuous Screening Product

PostHire has demonstrated its superior coverage in multiple case studies that prove the prospective client’s existing provider to be incomplete, inaccurate, and overpriced. In one case study, PostHire screened a 50,000-member workforce over 90 days. Despite already being screened by another provider, PostHire identified an additional 700 individuals whose criminal events had gone undetected.

The criminal charges missed by the incumbent included 81 felonies involving theft and fraud, assaults, domestic violence, drug offenses, and weapons charges.

Continuous background screening of a company’s workforce is incredibly valuable. By consistently screening every contractor or employee, the management shows that they are genuinely concerned about customer safety. This builds consumer trust in the brand, which is crucial for any business.

In addition to increasing the safety of homeowners and their families, immediate notification of a worker’s criminal prosecution enables management to take appropriate preventive measures tailored to the situation. The PostHire screening program allows security executives and personnel departments to identify unreasonable risks in the company’s workforce before a catastrophic event occurs.

This commitment enhances consumer confidence and solidifies your platform’s standing as a leader in the digital marketplace. It prioritizes the security and satisfaction of both service providers and recipients.

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Continuous Criminal Monitoring​

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