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Background Checks = Limited Insight + Snapshot in Time

Background checks provide only a point-in-time snapshot of an individual and are almost immediately out of date. Running an annual rescreen is a good addition yet rescreens still leave room for criminal activity to fall under the radar and can be costly. The only way to be fully covered is with continuous screening.

Get full coverage and fill the gaps with PostHire’s Continuous Workforce Screening.

PostHire offers unsurpassed coverage with the most up-to-date and data-rich
continuous employee screening platform.

Know what your Employees are Doing, NOW: Receive real-time updates on incidents as they happen rather than relying on an annual background rescreen. PostHire's continuous workforce screening platform continually scans and evaluates over 2800 counties' court and arrest records to find any matches to your staff. Get notified when you need it - Avoid the year or more gap between action and notification created by annual background checks.

Receive Actionable Notifications: Stay informed of risk events, criminal occurrences and traffic activity. Immediately get notified on who did what and where it represents a risk to your organization.

Expansive, Unsurpassed & Exhaustive Coverage: PostHire accesses information nationwide from 2800+ counties, representing 98% of the US population in near real-time.

Get Notified on What Matters to You: Simple yet granular customization means you define exactly the types of incident reports you receive. You will see only those events that present a risk to your organization.

- 100+ categories of offenses to choose from.
- Customizable notification timelines based on incident severity (e. g. see violent offenses immediately).

Inform the Correct People: Establish and easily customize notification parameters to inform
decision-makers of incidents that may present a risk.

Gather Employee Consent: Automatically gather employee sign-off within the platform to
ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Verify the Details to Support Your Response: Access to primary source documents gives
you an in-depth view of the event to communicate your response.

Stay Abreast of Progress: Track events from inception to conclusion. PostHire automatically
informs you of an event’s status as it progresses through the legal system.

Analyze Your Ongoing Risk Posture: Gain a management-level overview of notifications
received and event status.

Automate Responses: Use PostHire’s automated workflows to ensure your company is
responding correctly and timely.

Avoid Delayed Action: Receive an accurate and timely notification within hours of a new
criminal event to promptly take action.

Protect Employee Privacy: Configure information delivery based on a need-to-know basis.

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