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PostHire Shows 300% Superiority in Recent Security Firm Case Study

Security professionals make important decisions based on reliable evidence generated through verifiable studies that produce repeated results. PostHire recently presented the results of a case study demonstrating remarkable superiority over a security company’s current post-hire background screening service provider.

The Security Executive Council (SEC) is the preeminent security consulting firm to thousands of corporate partners. It assists security industry leaders in assessing trustworthy mitigation products and services providers by evaluating the performance and value of products in the security market. To be recognized as SEC Solution Innovation Partner, PostHire‘s case study results were subject to review and verification by a career security industry executive with more than two decades of senior management experience developing asset-protection programs in multinational corporations.

The object of the case study was to compare the coverage and performance of the subject security company’s current employee screening service provider with the results delivered by PostHire over the same designated time period. The case study results confirmed that PostHire’s continual screening protocol provides accurate up-to-date reports of employees’ criminal charges in near real-time, 24-hours a day.

Overview of the Case Study

The study was performed with the cooperation of the subject company which provides manned security services nationally, employing approximately 50,000 workers. The company’s legacy screening provider, one of the top three screening providers in the nation, incorporates standard industry arrest data and background screening data files to discover any new criminal charges involving current employees.

Continuous screening of an employee’s criminal charges and adverse events after the worker begins their employment is not intended to replace pre-hire screening which remains a valuable risk mitigation practice. Instead, continuous screening complements the ongoing diligence of corporate security officers to limit the organization’s exposure to liability, reputational damage, and lost profitability.

The Case Study Methodology

To test the comparative performance of the test company’s legacy screening service provider’s accuracy, coverage, and reliability, PostHire activated its proprietary national screening infrastructure retrospectively over a 90-day period during which the test company’s current provider provided its service simultaneously.

PostHire did not identify and report the same data as was found by the legacy screening provider. Read on for the shocking results.

The Astounding Case Study Results

PostHire’s continuous screening revealed more than 700 previously undisclosed criminal events during the 90-day test period versus 182 found by the existing provider during the same time.

What kind of criminal events were overlooked or missed by the incumbent provider?

  • Felony – 81
  • Fraud/Deception/Forgery – 21
  • Drugs – 42
  • Domestic Relations – 46
  • Offense against minors – 20
  • Theft/ Larceny – 36
  • Violence – 68
  • Weapons – 49
  • Criminal Other – 88

Recall that the test company is a nationwide provider of manned security services, both armed and unarmed. Permitting a security employee to engage with clients and the public when they have recent charges not known to their employer exposes the company to significantly elevated liability risks. No security industry leaders can accept incomplete or inaccurate criminal screening reports.

Superior Coverage

Unlike the legacy screening provider in our test company’s case study, PostHire does not purchase data second-hand from any commercial data providers or “brokers”, relying entirely on its purpose built, proprietary data network.

PostHire’s vastly superior search coverage is the result of nearly a decade of investment and refinement. PostHire’s unique capabilities and data includes access to official court and source documents.

Speed of Selected Reporting without Delay

Not only does PostHire‘s national coverage far exceed that of incumbent data and screening providers, but the data is immediately available for reporting to our clients allowing near real-time delivery of relevant information.

Reporting to corporate clients is completed in the form and at intervals they select based factors related to their industry priorities.

More PostHire Case Studies On the Horizon

PostHire continues to conduct ongoing case studies to demonstrate the superiority of its service in accuracy, national coverage, and unparalleled promptness. More verified study results will be reported as they become available.

If your company needs accurate, timely, actionable continuous employee screening to protect its valuable reputation in the community and limit costly risk, contact PostHire to learn about a customized program.


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