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Insider Threat Detection, Deterrence, and Mitigation

A recent data security study reported that employees are 85% more likely to leak files than they were before the pandemic. Employee turnover is higher and results in a shallower sense of loyalty among workers. Incidents involving carelessness, malicious conduct, and criminal acts are expected to continue to rise in frequency and severity.

Now more than ever, these and other insider threats demand heightened attention and vigilance from within an organization. New security challenges require innovative solutions specially adapted to protect new areas of vulnerability.

Most workers undergo background screening when they are hired. And while they are usually required to self-report arrests, they rarely do. Only by employing a continuous screening program will responsible security officers be notified if a worker engages in troubling crime-related events resulting in police arrests or prosecutions. Uncharacteristic rule-breaking behavior is a flag that often signals a personal crisis in a worker’s life. These significant life events are not evident when a remote employee logs on to perform their job.

To bridge the growing gap between remote workers and management, PostHire conducts continuous employee screening services delivering accurate, reliable, near-real-time reports detailing every worker’s arrest or prosecution wherever it occurs in the United States. Think of it as a background check that never ends

Detection: Recognizing the Signals

Detecting insider threats requires a multifaceted approach that involves both technological solutions and a keen understanding of human behavior. Behavioral analytics can help identify patterns that deviate from the norm, alerting security teams to potential red flags. But new involvement in criminal conduct, DUI, a drug-related arrest, bad check charges, shoplifting, domestic violence, or gun charges are major issues in the worker’s life that may impact their ability and integrity in fulfilling their job responsibilities.

A company’s policies and procedures determine what action may be taken once notified by PostHire of a worker’s arrest. Some misdemeanor arrests might result in company-imposed counseling or heightened supervision. Others might lead to immediate dismissal. But security officials cannot respond with appropriate action unless they know about the worker’s arrest, and in most cases, they will never learn of it without a comprehensive, reliable, and accurate continuous screening program.

Deterrence: Creating a Culture of Integrity

A proactive strategy for combating insider threats involves cultivating a culture of integrity within the organization. Security awareness training should not be limited to cybersecurity basics; they should also address the risks associated with insider threats posed by their fellow employees, contractors, and consultants. Employees and stakeholders need to understand the potential consequences of their actions and be motivated to report suspicious activities.

PostHire’s continuing population assessment complies fully with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and every contractor, employee, and freelancer must acknowledge their understanding that continuing screening will be conducted, just as they do when they approve a background check. Knowledge that an employer will be notified immediately can deter serious leisure-time misconduct.

Mitigation: Layered Defenses for Comprehensive Protection

Mitigating insider threats requires a layered approach that encompasses technical, procedural, and personnel-based defenses. Role-based access controls ensure that individuals only have access to the information and systems relevant to their responsibilities. Data loss prevention measures can help monitor and restrict the movement of sensitive information. Regular security audits and assessments aid in identifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious insiders.

But only by enlisting a reliable continuous screening program and population assessment can security professionals be alerted to significant, non-work-related behavioral changes within their workforce before they happen at work.

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